A little about us

At Ten Fifteen Communications, we know you want to spend your day working on what you love most, not on your marketing.

The problem is you’re running yourself ragged trying to do it all yourself. But you shouldn’t have to go it alone, especially when it comes to your marketing.

We understand your time is precious. And we know you didn’t get into business just so you could work on your marketing. We did.

This is why we provide brand-building services that save our clients time. As a result, we have a roster of happy, less-stressed-out clients.

Stop wishing you had more time in your day and imagine all you could accomplish when you don’t have to work on your marketing.

Paul Watson


Paul grew up in Raleigh. He is a digital marketer who specializes in web content and marketing coaching.

Emmanuel Holder

Bus. Dev. Specialist

Emmanuel is from Goldsboro, NC. He helps develop thriving businesses through sales and strategic initiatives.

David Yerger

Business Advisor

David hails from Mississippi but calls North Carolina home. He also builds successful businesses.

Behind the name

I (Paul) became a late-stage cancer survivor on 10/15/2010, which is where I got my company’s name. While having cancer was a setback, it has made me stronger and without it I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I learned lessons on tenacity, perseverance, and how precious life really is. These are lessons I try to implement in my business and are why I’ve named it Ten Fifteen Communications.