Core Services

New Website Copy + Layout Recommendations

You’ll receive new website copy and layout recommendations based on the proven StoryBrand framework.

The Works

You’ll receive the new website copy + layout recommendations service, plus a PDF that acts as a lead generator that you can exchange for email addresses. You will also receive a sales email campaign, so you can close on those leads your generator attracts.

Hourly Coaching

Let’s talk about your marketing! During each call, you’ll have access to the mind of a StoryBrand-certified marketing coach (Paul). He’ll speak from his experience using this proven marketing framework, giving you just the right nudge you need to get on track with your marketing.

Recurring Services

Blog + Social Media Posts

You’ll receive brand-building, customer-relationship-starting words for your blog and the social media channel(s) of your choice, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Review and Planning Call

In this monthly meeting, your StoryBrand-certified marketing coach (Paul) will meet with you to review and plan your social media and blog posts.