You’ve probably had those days when you had to work from home to take care of a sick loved one. 

And if you’re someone who has to come up with a lot of ideas for work, you might have found those days to be particularly stressful.

Because you don’t want a good idea to go to waste.

Here’s something that might help with that…

Leave yourself breadcrumbs.

Meaning, if you get interrupted while you’re “in the zone,” try to jot down a few notes of where your thought process was headed, so you can get back on track when you’re able to work again.

Or if you’re helping out around your house and an idea comes to mind, open a Google doc on your phone and dictate a few notes.

These “breadcrumb” ideas can lead you back to where you need to go when you get back to work.

Try it for yourself. And feel free to let me know if it helps.

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