Too many business leaders get bogged down by the daily grind to create the space to stop, reflect, and cultivate meaningful friendships with others. Destiny Ventures is dedicated to building a community and hosting trips that help create this much-needed space.

To help him build a community that helps promote life transformation, Coburn Murray needed help establishing a stronger digital presence for his nonprofit (Destiny Ventures).

He wanted to reach more people on a regular basis using his established channels (email, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn).

But he and his team needed help creating this content and ensuring it went out to their audience. 

That’s where Ten Fifteen Communications came in. I worked with Coburn to significantly increase the impact and reach of his emails and social media posts by writing, designing, monitoring, and sending this content.

I interviewed him to ensure his emails were written in his voice. And I met with him on a regular basis for strategic marketing sessions.

He now has the peace-of-mind that comes with having regular marketing content, and he has someone who is holding him and his team accountable to ensure their marketing initiatives are set and executed.

Email open and click-through rates far surpass industry standards

Email results: 

  • Average Open Rate: 76.18%, which is over 3X the industry average of 25.17%
  • Average Click-Through Rate (CTR): 14.69%, which is over 5X the industry average of 2.79%

Higher open rates mean more eyes on what they provide, and higher click-through rates mean more engagement—thereby increasing their chances for generating revenue.

They also saw a tremendous increase for their social media channels.

Social media stats:

  • Within 30 days of hiring me, LinkedIn page views increased 425% and unique visitors increased 66.7%
  • Within 90 days of hiring me, Instagram reach went up 1,300%; visits went up 570%
  • Within 90 days of hiring me, Facebook reach went up 160%; visits went up 240%

As a result, more people became aware of them and more people visited their website—building brand loyalty and increasing their chances of more revenue in the process.

From the client

“Paul has helped us to reach our marketing goals with incredible attention to our vision and mission. He is truly a professional and has a servant’s heart.”

-Coburn Murray

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