It’s really stressful if you need to quickly sell your North Carolina house. The problem is, selling your house can take longer than you’d like. DKL Housing Solutions helps fast track the house-selling process, so you can quickly close for cash and feel at ease.

To garner trust in his real estate company, Blake from DKL Housing Solutions wanted to have a stronger web presence, but he didn’t have time to focus on his marketing. So, I created social media and blog content for his company. Now he’s confident that his company is building trust with prospects by showing what makes his company stand out from others in his industry.

They now have a monthly blog that positions them as a trusted authority in the NC real estate market.

They also have a strong Facebook presence with weekly content.

And Facebook stats continue to improve, with year-over-year social media traffic increasing 236.4%.

More social media traffic means more people are learning about them, and they are building trust with prospects. This increases their chances of prospects become customers.

From the client

“Working with Paul has been great. He has really taken the time to understand our business and ensure that our message is clear.”

-Blake Anderson

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