Buying a house in Raleigh, NC can be incredibly difficult. Peter Milner helps walk homebuyers through the process of finding and closing on a house that his clients will love.

Peter Milner’s website wasn’t helping his business grow. I gave him the words and layout for his website that positioned him uniquely in the crowded real estate market. I also helped him consistently reach more prospects by working with him to craft and send emails that his audience opens.


Once his new messaging went up and I helped him get the word via email, his website saw a drastic increase when compared to the previous month

Website stats:

  • Visitors (web traffic) increased 229% 
  • Views increased 488%

As a result, more people saw how he rebranded his business. This positioned him as an agent who helps people find a house in a competitive area, which increased his likelihood of turning prospects into clients.

And his email open rates were over 3x industry standards. 

Average Open Rate: 63.3% (19.17% is the industry average)

Higher email open rates meant more people saw his content. This increased his chances of more prospects becoming clients. 

From the client

“In my work with marketing experts over the last 6 years, I have never trusted someone’s ability, wisdom, and advice as I have Paul’s.”

-Peter Milner

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