Iron Academy is an all-male Christian school based in Raleigh, NC for grades 6-12. It’s unique, male-centered teaching philosophy along with its emphasis on instilling biblical values in its students makes Iron Academy an ideal place for many parents to send their sons.

Alan, the founder of Iron Academy, needed more students to tour his school. The more tours he and his team gave, the more students they would enroll. As such, the Schedule a Tour page–where parents could sign up–was a revenue-generating page for the school.

But to get more tours, Alan needed to get the word out. And that meant he needed someone to handle his marketing. 

I provided him with copywriting, design, and coaching services that helped him develop clear, consistent marketing content for his social media channels, email, website, and print advertisements. The bulk of these materials directed people to his landing page: Where potential students and their families could schedule a tour. 

I reworked his website and made the Schedule a Tour landing page much easier to find.

And it worked.

As a result of these efforts, the web traffic to the Schedule a Tour page increased 900% year over year.

And their social media numbers continue to rise. 

Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn traffic all went up year-over-year, with Instagram in particular seeing a 112.5% increase in web traffic.

Higher social media traffic means more people are learning about the school, which helps build trust with prospective families. This increases the chances of more parents enrolling their sons. 

From the client

“Advertising can be such a difficult thing to know whether or not you’re spending resources wisely on, but we have no doubts about the return from our investment in Ten Fifteen Communications. Paul is always going above and beyond what we contract him for. He’s always looking to do more for his clients. He genuinely cares about our success.”


-Alan Hahn

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