Researchers have shown that email is 40x better at acquiring leads than Facebook and Twitter combined. That’s why lead generators are so important for many businesses. If you’re reading this, you likely agree.

Heck, you probably have at least one lead gen, and there’s a good chance that it’s a lead gen PDF. I hope that it’s working well for you!

If it isn’t, the culprit may not be the information it contains. It could be that your target market just isn’t interested in reading another PDF.

Don’t let this discourage you one bit!

As this post’s title suggests, you can turn that PDF into other types of lead gens.

Create a webinar or live presentation around it

Meeting with people live (either in a virtual or in-person setting) is a fantastic way to meet potential customers. And if your lead gen PDF is packed with helpful information your customers will love, why not create a presentation out of it?

You may or may not be able to use your PDF content as a word-for-word script, but you can likely use it as the basis for a presentation.

Create a series of videos around the concepts 

This is similar to the last point, only you don’t need to present it live, and you can divide it into a series of videos. For instance, if your lead gen PDF is “7 mistakes to avoid when investing in real estate,” you can break these up into short videos that contain one or more of the mistakes.

If you really want to maximize your efforts here, record a webinar (don’t show your participants though) and break up the recording into various videos. Make sure that your production value doesn’t look cheap. Even if the content is good, if it doesn’t look like a high-quality video, it will likely not be well received by your audience.

Use it in an online quiz

Some folks are more likely to take a quiz than read a PDF or watch a video. Because of this, many companies have seen tremendous success using interactive quizzes.

Before you figure out the software side of quizzes, you need to come up with a series of questions by pulling info from your PDF. I recommend getting these questions and answers written down before you create a title for your quiz.

The questions can be multiple choice or True/False. Once you solidify what questions you want to ask, come up with a snappy title for the quiz, using the questions as inspiration.

As far as software is concerned, I know colleagues who have seen success with Typeform and

Wrapping up

Want to see other ways you can maximize your lead gen PDF? Head over to our Resources page and download 7 ways to get the most out of your lead gen PDF.

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