From a very young age, I remember hearing how my Great Uncle Walter was a hero. 

Uncle Walter died during WWII when his aircraft’s wings folded in on him during a dive over Belgium. He was 21.

But before he passed away, he had the chance to bomb some Nazi trains and take down several enemy aircraft. 

My grandad was a photographer during the War (I’m also super proud of him), and he strapped a camera to my great uncle’s fighter. As a result, we have old video footage of Uncle Walter’s aircraft in action.

Why am I telling you this?

Because even though it doesn’t have anything to do with your business or your marketing, it’s a story from my familial history.

It’s an example of something AI can’t do with any real authority, since no AI tool has had a great uncle die in a war. 

When we share parts of our past or our family’s past, we’re connecting with people in a way that no robot ever can.

We’re sharing stories from people for people.

It’s not that AI can’t be a useful tool when it comes to content creation…

It is good at helping you come up with ideas and coming up with initial drafts.

But it just shouldn’t be a complete replacement for you.

You have stories–familial or otherwise–that might be worth sharing to your audience, if for no other reason than to allow them to get to know you better.

These stories could be personal or professional, but they should be yours.

When you do that, you’re building relationships with your audience.

You’re establishing empathetic connections that allow you to be memorable–to stand out from all the marketing noise.

Because as many people turn exclusively to AI to generate their content, audiences will continue to train their minds to filter out the generic stuff.

But stories?

Ah, stories will stand out.

I’m specifically talking about personal stories that could only be true if they came from a human. By all means, use AI to summarize or refine these stories. But base your content on a story that’s personal to you.

And again, these stories don’t have to be about your family.

People want to hear about your experiences working in your industry, the mistakes you’ve made, and the business lessons you’ve learned along the way.

And once you connect with your audience through your stories, there’s a good chance they’ll be more inclined to listen to you when you have a new product or service you’d like to share with them.

And if you want to read about my great uncle, you can do so here: Read about Uncle Walter.

Finally, if you want help creating storytelling content, let’s talk: Book a call with me.

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