Every spammer has this in common: They want a sale right away. But often, the best clients come out of established relationships. And relationships take time. 

They require you to take small, seemingly insignificant steps every day, knowing that a sale is not guaranteed out of your efforts. 

Posting to LinkedIn, following up with a prospect who hasn’t gotten back to you after a week, or emailing a former colleague to see how they’re doing—any of these tasks may seem insignificant. 

But over time, those marketing, sales, or business development tasks can pay off big time.

It’s a grind. Especially if you’re starting a new company. 

I know this from experience. Not long ago, I found myself getting discouraged at my job. I was doing all of these small tasks and not seeing many results.

I had to realize one thing before I got out of my brief professional funk: 

Here’s what I realized to get out of my funk: 

Performing small tasks plays a big role in professional growth.

So, I listed the benefits of performing these seemingly insignificant tasks. Once I did, I found myself doing more of them (because I was actually starting to like them).

Every time you perform the small tasks, you are:

  • Increasing your chances of getting a client
  • Getting experience with marketing, sales, or business development
  • Working to earn a living, which builds character
  • Practicing perseverance
  • Embracing patience (you wouldn’t do these things if you weren’t willing to be patient for potential outcomes)
  • Being courageous (overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there)
    • Building confidence by overcoming this fear

Doing the small tasks helps equip you for the major opportunities that will likely come about as a result of your perseverance.

And since these tasks are required for building long-lasting, healthy working relationships, you must do them. 

Enjoy the journey by recognizing the immediate, personal, and professional benefits you’re receiving by performing them every day.

Stay the course. If you need help keeping on the path, feel free to reach out. I offer coaching services to help you stay on track.

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