As a business leader, you’re constantly trying to grow both professionally and personally. 

Since we all like efficiency, I’ve identified some practices that will help you grow in both ways when you work on them.

Listen more than you speak

When I finally realized that listening to people can help them feel more loved than a multitude of encouraging words, I saw an immediate improvement in just about all my relationships.

This practice has served me well with sales, because people want to do business with people who care about them. Listening is perhaps the best way to show that you’re not just in business to see what you can get from someone.

Keep your inner voice in check

If you’re mentally bashing yourself throughout the day, it will impact your sales. 

Don’t do it at work and don’t do it at home.

Allowing your inner voice to crush your confidence is a great way to sell less.

Look for ways to solve others’ problems

Who in your life can you help today? Is there a friend you need to check in with to see how they’re doing? Are there chores that need doing or projects you’ve been putting off that would benefit your family?

Take the opportunity to do scary things

Since selling can be scary, it stands to reason that the more you do scary things outside of work, the easier time you’ll have doing them while you’re working. 

Wrapping up

While all of the aforementioned tips are healthy habits that will serve you well on your next sales call, there are plenty that I didn’t mention. 

Keep practicing those.  

Because healthy habits lead to more healthy habits (including beneficial sales habits). 

And the inverse is true: I can’t imagine someone who frequently procrastinates in their personal life is a real go-getter when working.

So, Dear Reader, go forth and prosper by building and maintaining healthy habits! Wishing you all the success 2023 has to offer.

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