“Be yourself.” It’s a common theme in children’s media, but when you’re a kid, it can be difficult to know what that means.

I imagine that as you grew, you discovered what “be yourself” means for you.

As adults, many of us have spent countless hours reflecting on what we did right or wrong, what we like and dislike, and who we want to become.

As a result, we know ourselves. 

But as a business leader, do you know who your business is? In other words, is your messaging clear? If not, it could negatively impact you when networking.

To have clear messaging, let’s look to the StoryBrand framework, which says that you should know the following:

  • The overarching problem your company solves for your customers
  • Why you’re the obvious solution
  • What success looks like for your customers

If you can’t readily state each of these points if someone asks about your company, you may come across as someone who doesn’t really know their company. Because you’re likely to default to providing vague answers.

That’s not going to make the best impression when networking.

It’s a bit like going on a date and not knowing having clear answers to basic questions. Often, when we don’t have clear answers, we give vague ones. 

Continuing with the date analogy, once that person starts asking questions about yourself, vague answers could make you look like a closed person. That’s not going to help the date go well. 

Similarly, if someone at a networking event asks about your business, and you say simply, “I’m in BLANK industry,” you likely won’t make a good impression (at least, with that answer).


Because stating your industry doesn’t set you apart from your competition. It’s vague. It’s forgettable.

But, if you can clearly state your customers’ problem, why you’re a good choice for solving that problem, and a benefit your customers often experience as a result of doing business with you?

That’s memorable. That’s an answer that comes from someone who knows their company.

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