You started a blog for your company to help you stand out. Now you have to decide what to post.

Since you don’t want to just sound like everyone else, you’re considering trying to create a humorous post. Something that’s both entertaining and informative. A fun post that will leave a positive impression on your audience, while also jiving with your brand. You don’t have a brand that is known for being incredibly serious at all times, so a humorous blog post wouldn’t appear too out of the ordinary for your company.

But then this thought hits you:

Is there any reason to write a humorous blog post for my company? 

As a general rule, each of your professional blog posts should solve a problem your audience is likely facing.

So, what problem would an entertaining-yet-informative blog post solve? 

Humor solves the problem your audience has of finding a brand they can relate to. 

People like to do business with companies they trust. Your customer won’t trust you unless they first feel comfortable with you.

When someone (including a company) causes us to smile or laugh, we feel more comfortable with them. Because they’re relatable.

Even if a humorous post doesn’t solve a specific problem, it helps the reader feel more comfortable with your company, so they’re more inclined to seek your help with other problems. 

You can then address these other problems in other, non-humorous posts.

For example…

I’ve written two blog posts on what Santa Claus can teach small business owners. I’ve also written a post on business lessons we can learn from a Medieval man with a knife-hand. 

These two posts do not solve a problem. At least, not on the surface.

Few people (if any) have ever said, “I’m stressed because I don’t know what Santa can teach me as a small business owner.”

So, do humorous posts stray from the rule of problem solving that all good business blog posts should follow?


Because, at least for some folks, those weird little posts can help my brand become just a bit more relatable.

And that’s a problem worth solving.

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