As we near the end 2021, I want to challenge you to support local small businesses by doing one thing before 2022 starts. Write them a really positive review on Google.

Why reviews matter

Approximately 91% of consumers read Google reviews to determine whether or not they want to be a customer with a local business. According to Google, “High-quality, positive reviews from your customers can improve your business visibility and increase the likelihood that a shopper will visit your location.”

Positive Google reviews can help your favorite small business grow and thrive. On the other hand, negative reviews can hurt them. To counteract any negative reviews your favorite local small business may have, show them some love with a five-star review.


  1. Leave only five-star reviews.
  2. You must be a customer or former customer of the business.
  3. Review a business that’s small (fewer than 100 employees) and local to your area.

My company was founded less than nine months ago, so I know me and my brand don’t have a wide reach at this point. Having a lot of influence often takes years of being in business.

But I have some influence, and so do you. Leaving a positive review is a good way to encourage others to go with a small business you love.

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